Lisa Stoorza - Office Manager

As a new Office Manager, we hired Kim to train me on QuickBooks. We used every possible aspect of QuickBooks and Kim’s teaching style was methodical and logical. She explained the accounting principles behind the transactions so that I really understood how each entry affected other parts of our company file. Further, Kim was fun and we enjoyed having her around. I highly recommend Kim for on-site training!

~Lisa Stoorza

Jody Reeser - J Reeser Architects

When we contacted Kim, our goals were to streamline our files on our computer and to track our system so that our reports were correct. I needed a system in place that I was I able to understand and easy to manipulate. Kim was able to organize everything and communicate the steps that I needed so that I am able to keep the system working. I very highly recommend hiring Kim.  Challenges are resolved efficiently and completely with an enjoyable interaction that are always concluded with a feeling of confidence in my ability.

Jody Reeser, AIA, NCARB
J Reeser Architect LLC
PO Box 599/117 W. Georgia
Gunnison, CO 81230

p. 970‐641‐4740
c. 970‐389‐7576


Dusty Sylvanson - President, Straw & Timber Craftsmen

The bottom line: Kim has fine tuned our management systems including bookkeeping operations and reporting so we are set up to operate sustainably. Kim has a gift for customizing her approach and services to help her clients "mind their business." I am so grateful to have Kim as part of our business team and highly recommend her services.

~Dusty Sylvanson

Erika White, Crested Butte Electrical

Kim has taught me so many useful things, it is hard to name them. Kim is extremely knowledgeable with a wide range of software, including QuickBooks.  I knew that when I contacted Kim for a sales tax issue, she would take the time to walk me through the steps to resolve the errors.

Mary & Mikey Larson - Mikey's Pizza!

I hired Kim to help me customize the books for our restaurant. In 2013 we opened a second location and  it was clear that I needed to streamline our systems.

Kim was valuable in that process. She took the time to listen to what I needed and to learn as much as she could about our business. I wanted detailed reports for each store and she class tracked all our transactions to determine profits at both locations. She also helped streamline our sales tax process. Kim dialed in our online banking, which saved me hours of time each week and made banking so much easier.

She also worked well with our accountant to make sure that our financials were accurate. I would recommend Kim to any business. She has an extensive knowledge of QuickBooks as well as other computer systems. She understands what it takes to run an effective business which makes her an excellent consultant. She is professional, smart and fun to work with. I’m so grateful to have Kim be a part of our growing business!

Sincerely, Mary Larson Mikey’s Pizza

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Krista Hildebrandt - Alpengardener, Ltd

Kim assisted me with my books for a Landscaping business that I had owned for 25 years.  I hired Kim to help me with literally EVERYTHING.

Kim was hired to train a new office manager. She also needed to fix all of the problems with the existing books so we could then get a new POS system up and running and everything needed to be in working order for a new office manager to take over.

What surprised me most about Kim was how calm she was in light of how incredibly messed up my office was at that time. Kim was very gracious with her time - what I needed help with was messed up from the top down and needed a lot of attention. Kim saved me and because she was so focused it saved me thousands of dollars! I learned from Kim that really everything can be dealt with in one way or another. Her patience was very comforting and she showed me that if you take a few breaths and focus you can accomplish what’s needed to be done. She is also very easy to understand and explains issues with ease. She has taught me to look for solutions and take my time.

Kim was awesome helping me set up my computer for the next business. She helped with QB being loaded from one location to another. She helped with the closing of one business and kept everything understandable for the accountant.

Without a doubt I would recommend Kim to anyone.Her knowledge with a computer and other programs is not limited in any way. Her attention to detail is very reassuring when it comes to being organized in the office. Her understanding of running business and what it takes is very thorough. 

~Krista Hildebrandt
Alpengardener, Ltd
Crested Butte South, CO 81224
970 209 0108