We have two locations with different sales taxes, employees, and profit centers. Kim dialed in our system so that I can compare both locations, and she set up a strategy to download transactions per location in our online banking. Kim has saved me hours of time, allowed me to evaluate both businesses, and made online banking so much easier!
— Mary Larson, Mikey's Pizza
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Kim explained the accounting principles behind our QB transactions so that I really understood how each entry affected other parts of our company file.
— Lisa Stoorza, Alpengardener

Kim Antonucci

I have provided on-site education for QuickBooks® since 1998 and my clients have trusted me ever since in helping them with strategic planning, legal negotiations, environmental issues, land use planning, project management and everything in between. My business has morphed into a combination of technical support, business coaching and forward thinking.  

My clients include ranches, toy manufacturers, gas stations, construction professionals, restaurants, multi-store retailers, auto repair shops, churches, food wholesalers & distributors, governmental organizations, healers and yoga professionals, accountants, medical centers, realtors, phone book companies and more!

I assist with accounting and various software applications for multiple business functions. You will learn how to integrate financial software with database functions and digital marketing while keeping your data in one place. You will prepare reports and make decisions on the viability of any aspect of your business. 

Helping you mind your own business!